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    Lets face it, the longer we have been wood working the more likely we have seen or sustained “war wounds.” I couldn’t begin to tell you how many times I shot myself with a nail gun or pinner when I was first starting out. And since then I have seen much worse, I feel lucky and proud that I still have all my appendages, been close a few times.
    Here is the place to share those frightening, harrowing, or embarrassing moments with your fellow craftsmen. (Photos welcome, hope your not squeamish). And along with the accident lets share a little piece of advice so others can avoid the same mistakes we made.


    The first day I started as a finish carpenter when I was about 19 my boss told me to pin some panel moulding together at the miter. Well I got no instructions or safety tips to I went right ahead and pinched the two pieces together right on top of the miter, (ha ha, those with experience know exactly what happened next). Yeah as sure as the sun will rise one of those pins shot through the moulding and into my thumb. So that wasn’t even the worst part of the day. I was having a bear of a time with the safety tip on the gun causing problems with the accuracy (again, common problem those of us with experience have since learned to circumvent-damn you OSHA!) By the way, DON’T TIE BACK THE SAFETY! (that’s my disclaimer for OSHA). Anyway the gun slipped and I shot a pin through two fingers, nailing them together, the guys had a good laugh-it wasn’t the last time. The take away: Always keep fingers at least a nail’s length away from the entry point, it can and will exit from time to time so don’t occupy that space.

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